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Murex Copper

Copper, Gold

Murex Copper

Fall 2023 Exploration consisted of geochemical and geological mapping in the North of the property, Lake and Lupus Zones, yielding the following assays:


#H619230 22.2g/t gold, 48.0g/t silver, 0.63% copper, 8.11% zinc

#H619231 5.11g/t gold, 24.4 silver, 0.93% copper, 0.42% zinc

#H619232 1.18g/t gold, 71.8g/t silver, 3.12% copper, 0.27% zinc

#H619241 60.3g/t gold, 141g/t silver, 0.62% copper, 6.76% zinc


#H619233 and #H619234 were outside the mineralized zone

Historic Exploration from the North of the project


Although completed by qualified Geologists and Engineers, historic results are not NI-43101 compliant.


In addition, to the gold and polymetallic zones in the North of the property, the Murex breccia zones are located in the central part of the property and are interpreted as a collapsed volcanic dome structure with shallow-dipping thrust faults cut by steeply dipping faults associated with polymetallic Cu-Ag-Au-As-Sb-Mo-Te bearing sulphide mineralization. Historic work identified a 700m X 700m area, the D Zone, along with the A Zone and E Zone, two breccia zones within a 1,200m X 3,000m area.


The property has been systematically explored, since 1957, by various operators including Noranda, now Glencore.  Extensive previous exploration has occurred with the following significant drill intercepts:


Hole 69-10

82.3m @ 0.20% copper, 0.015% molybdenum and 3.3 g/t silver from surface to 82.3m


Hole 69-14

27m @ 0.22% copper, 0.005% molybdenum and 3.4 g/t silver from surface to 27.4m


Hole 73-3, assayed for copper only

120.2m @ 0.24% copper from 3.2m to 123m


Hole 73-6, assayed for copper only

60.3m @ 0.20% copper from 2.6m to 62.9m


Hole 74-2

46.5m @ 0.53% copper, 0.17g/t gold and 7.2g/t silver from 9.1m to 55.6m and

30.0 m @ 0.245% copper, 0.003g/t gold and 4.1g/t silver from 62.9m to 89.9m


Hole 74-3

57.1m @ 0.058% copper, 0.73g/t gold and 2.1g/t silver from 0m to 57.2m


Hole 86-1

16.0m @ 6.1 g/t gold, 4.2g/t silver and 0.17% copper from 1.5m to 17.5m


Hole 86-7

19.8m @ 0.22g/t gold, 9.9g/t silver and 1.5% copper from 29.4m to 49.2m and 6.8m @ 0.38 g/t gold, 21 g/t silver and 3.3% copper from 55.5m to 62.3m

Hole 88-19

11.0m @ 5g/t gold, 0.5g/t silver and 0.1% copper

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