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Mr. Lazerson has been involved in the mineral exploration and technology industries for 25 years. In 2018, Mr. Lazerson accepted the Standard & Poors Global - Platts Metals Award for Leadership in Base and Specialty Metals on behalf of MGX Minerals as its CEO.  As CEO, Mr. Lazerson oversaw the financing of $60M in direct lithium extraction (DLE) and zinc-air battery technologies as well as exploration for magnesium, silicon, and gold including the discovery of the 8.1Mt Measured + Indicated Driftwood Creek Magnesite deposit with an in situ value of approximately $1.8B.  In addition, Mr Lazerson has been involved in diamond exploration while CEO of Margaret Lake Diamonds and a Director of Arctic Star Exploration and lithium exploration while at MGX and as a Director of Far Resources (now  Foremost Lithium).  Mr. Lazerson holds a BA in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania.


Market Cap 

$2,093,438                    05/31/2024

Authorized Shares

20,000,000,000             05/28/2024

Outstanding Shares

6,978,125,286               05/28/2024


2,010,158,107               05/28/2024


4,967,967,179               05/28/2024

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